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How to be a proper lazy.

Part 1
Adjusting Your Mindset

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Reflect on what “lazy” means to you. Depending on your background and beliefs,  it’s a term that tends to carry a negative implication about not pulling one’s weight or not doing things when other people are doing a lot; it also tends to imply that a person does little to improve themselves or their living standards. However, what about seeing lazy in a different light? Here are some ways to do this:
How about seeing lazy as meaning that your mind and body w.ant to rest? We would be far less stressed and a lot happier and attuned to their own real body pace if they gave in. to heeding the body’s and mind’s cry for a “bit of lazy” now and then.


Lazy means you’re probably getting a bit tired of somethin.g that is mundane and routine. And who said we have to love the mundane and routine of life? Sure, we can be grateful for all .we have and for those around us, but this doesn’t need to extend to being grateful for dull routine!
Lazy can mean you’ve got an internal struggle goin on about what you think you should be doing and what you’d rather be doing. It’s possible that those “shoulds” are visited on you by external pressures.
Lazy can mean that someone else is not doing what you want them to or vice versa. It’s not necessarily lazy then; it could be tied up in control issues (manipulating people into doing things) or in an inability to communicate clearly, and calling the behavior lazy is an easy excuse.
Lazy means you’ve got something truly relaxing in mind. Like nothing, totally nothing at all, including leaving that unwashed pile of dishes… unwashed. Is that so bad when .it’s an irregular, spontaneous occurrence? What about the benefits like renewed vigor and a sense of well-being?
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Reflect on how your lazy self can bring you to work out how to do less. Since when has getting the job done with less effort become a vice? Do you prefer to do things the hard way all the time? If so, whatever for? If the same result can be achieved with less effort, why not take that path and listen to your laziness? Think about this reality before leaping to a puritanical response: just about all of the advances in technology today are the result of laziness.

Here are some things to think about:
We drive cars instead of walking because we’re too tired to walk. Most use washing machines to wash our clothes because we’re too busy to be putting in that scrubbing effort. Everyone uses computers because we’re too lazy to write it all out by hand (and besides which, typing is faster, so it’s done sooner, so we can relax faster).
The good side to laziness is that there isn’t anything wrong with working out better ways to do things with less stress, less energy, and less time involved. Yet it is important to acknowledge the traditional challenges you’re likely to feel about embracing the positives of being lazy now and then.
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Consider who or what benefits from the busy, ever-working you. Every time you complain that your job consumes your soul and runs your life by the timesheet, you’re actually complaining that you don’t have the time to really switch off. As a generalization, the idea of lazy people isn’t good for business and judgmental terms such as “bums”, “good-for-nothings”, “bludgers”, and “time-wasters”, are given to those who are not thought pulling their weight enough.

We worry incessantly that someone might label us this way, even as we dare to label others lazy whenever we feel overworked.
A Rested worker is actually a more productive and happy one.  Ironically many people work longer hours than they need to because the focus is on being seen to be busy.
Ultimately, a society that encourages work-life balance and a sense of knowing when enough is enough is likely to be more, not less, productive.
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Know that time spent away from work could renew you.r energy and spirit. The “virtue” matched to the “vice” of sloth is “diligence”. For some, the art of applying oneself to the task at hand with a zeal. ous and unquestioning belief in the worth of working hard Yet, this isn’t how everyone .sees the world; indeed, the Danes work a 37 hour week, find most of their wages consumed by taxes (in return for excellent social benefits), and have an average of six weeks vacation,[1] yet they consistently score as one of the happiest nations on Earth.
Enjoy your time away from work. Some diligence Will learn from a sloth allowing the mind and body rest. Laziness and diligence are nuanced. Neither is wholly good nor bad and each has their place in moderation. Insisting that one is good and one is evil is too simplistic and denies your opportunity to give in to moments of sheer restfulness.

What’s lazier than Cheetos?

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